Teacher Placement Services

So, we are launching a new service… helping educational institutions in Asia attract the services of First Language English speaking teachers.

Why?  Is the market not saturated?  Are there not too many already? 

Most people have a horror story, a negative experience and Teacher Placement Agencies, and the general perception is that these agencies are regarded as dishonest, immoral and of very little value.

And that is exactly why we believe that this is the perfect opportunity for us to provide a high quality, prestigious service that protects both the teacher and the educational institution, delivers value to both parties and that is focused on long term relationships.

NeilsonYoung Consulting has a 15-year track record of delivering quality resources to companies like IBM, Accenture, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, SAP AG, SoftwareAG, Investec Bank, First National Bank, Standard Bank, Old Mutual insurance company, Microsoft and many others.

We pride ourselves on quality and refuse to compromise on our values.  We would rather walk away from business if we felt that there was not a good fit in terms of ethics and respect.

So why Teachers? Why Thailand?  Over the last two years, NeilsonYoung Consulting founder and Managing Director, Dusten Young has personally had his older children, leave the nest and explore the world.  This has opened his eyes to the amazing opportunities.

The route they (The elder children) chose was to teach English in several foreign countries.  The experiences they have enjoyed has been life changing.  The hospitality, the drive for self-improvement and the wonderful cultures – specifically in Asia has created a desire to keep returning and in one case, even get married and to settle down.

During a recent visit to his eldest Son, Dusten fell in love with the people, the culture and the region.  He is convinced that he can improve the agency experience and has decided to open up the first regional office of NeilsonYoung Consulting in Ubon Ratchathani region in North East Thailand.

This is a growing region with many excellent educational institutions.

We are looking to partner with the very best of these institutions, provide them with native English speaking teachers of the highest grade, ensuring strong relationships between all parties by managing the entire Human Resource process.

The teachers will be paid by us, and we intend to ensure that they are paid competitively and fairly.  In return, our client’s, the educational institutions will be assured of receiving the very best quality native language English teacher and excellent value through consistent and reliable service.

As we intend to only partner with the highest quality organisations, we expect to provide above average working conditions in a mutually respectful work environment.

Our Johannesburg based team will locate, interview, train and prepare the teachers.  Only the very best will be recruited and sent to Thailand – these teachers will then be supported throughout the process by our team based in Ubon, this will include a dedicated agency representative that will handle all liaison between the schools and the teachers, set curriculum and lesson plan in place for the teacher.

In addition, we will provide assistance with VISA’s, flights, accommodation and settling into the local expat community.

We really do believe that we will be able to offer a fantastic service for both the teacher and the school.

Using our Agency – Benefit Summary

For the native English speaking teacher

  • If you are coming from South Africa, you are able to bring your family to meet the team in Johannesburg, attend a seminar on exactly what you can expect, the good and the bad. These interactions will prove invaluable in ensuring that you have made the right decision for your circumstances.
  • We assist with appropriate qualifications and checks
  • We help you get your VISA and ensure that you comply with all laws and requirements.
  • We help you find accommodation before you arrive.
  • Assist with flights and transport – meet and greet you and get you settled in.
  • You are typically employed by us and contracted to a school which means we pay you and look after you.
  • You are always paid on time
  • You can be moved to another school if there is not a good personality match
  • A dedicated agency representative provides buffer between teacher and school
  • The dedicated agency representative limits cultural misunderstandings manages any disputes and looks after the interests of both parties.
  • Integration into local expatriate community and friendly staff members at your call 24/7


For the Educational Institution in using our agency

  • High quality, consistent teaching standards
  • We pay our teachers well to encourage them to stay longer.
  • This means it is less likely that you will have explain to parents why there is a new English teacher every few months
  • Dedicated Agency Representative
  • 15 years of experience in finding, screening and recruiting the best resources for companies across the world – the same infrastructure that we use to screen the executives for our global clients, will be used to screen potential teachers for you.
  • We will provide seminars and counselling to the teacher and their family before they decide to come over. These will highlight the good but also make them aware of the challenges.
  • We ensure that VISA’s, qualifications and all other statutory requirements are met.
  • We pay the teachers and deal with all Human Resource requirements
  • You pay us a set monthly fee depending on the quantity of students and number of teaching hours required.
  • This amount is agreed up front and remains valid for the duration of the contract providing you with a predictable and easy to budget investment.
  • We are slightly more expensive than other agencies, however, the reliability and quality will save you money in the long run and more importantly deliver exceptional results to your students and parents.
  • We are only taking on a select group of clients, this ensure you receive the highest level of focus and service.


Dusten Young, the Founder and Managing Director of NeilsonYoung Consulting will be in Ubon Ratchathani from the week of the 18th of September 2017 to interview the first group of potential clients.   We will be inviting a select group of clients for lunch meetings to discuss options.   Your organisation is one that we would like to work with – please confirm if you are interested in a meeting.